Air conditioners are one of the greatest things ever invented; at least that is what someone will say for sure in the hottest days of summer. They do a great job of keeping you and your family cool at that time of year. It is hard to do any physical activity when it’s hot inside your home and sleeping can prove difficult too but thanks to air conditioning these things can easily be overcome. Air conditioners have also proved to be a very durable product but that does not mean they never have problems. When they do malfunction there is not a lot a consumer can do about them but there are some steps you can take for trouble shooting air conditioner problems.

1. Check the Power to the Air Conditioner

If you think your air conditioner is broken because it is not running, then before you can know if it’s malfunctioning or not you must first check to see if it’s getting power.

The very first thing you will check is to see if the breaker to the unit is tripped; if it is, just reset it and your unit should come on. If it trips again immediately there is a bigger problem and you will need to call a service professional.

If it’s not working even though the breaker is set, then if you know how to use an electric meter you can check to see if the main controls have power coming to them. If yes the problem is the air conditioner; if no then the problem is in the line someplace or the breaker is bad.

2. Check the Air Filter

Air conditioners need lots of air to make them work. Both window units and HVAC air conditioners have air intakes with filters; if these get clogged up with dirt, pet dander and other contaminants your air conditioner may work poorly or not at all.

On window units the filter should be cleaned at least bi-weekly because they are small and accumulate a large amount of debris quickly. This can be done simply by removing the filter and rinsing it off in the sink.

HVAC filters need to be replaced every 1 to 6 months depending on the quality of the air filters you have. The general rule here is that the more expensive the filter the more time it will last without replacing it.

If you fail in the troubleshooting air conditioning problems then don’t be angry at yourself; professionals train for months and months to be able to do it. A word of advice; don’t put a lot of money into fixing a window air conditioner because the repair price might exceed the cost of a new one. For HVAC air conditioners if these steps don’t solve the problem then its best to call an HVAC technician to come out to your home to do the work.

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