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Essential Guide to Getting Your Air Conditioner Ready for the Scorching Heat After the Long Winter

It is such an irony that after just complaining about the Winter’schilling cold, we now direct our attention to the scorching Summer heat.A lot of us will rather face the heat in contrast to the bitter cold, so it is important that your air conditioner is up for the job to help you tolerate the drastic rise in temperature. At times, storing your air conditioning unit during winter does not do them any good. Thus, here is an essential guide that will prepare you for the intense Summer heat.


Regardless if your unit is a central air conditioning system with its compressor located outside or that of a window-type, it is imperative that you clean it up first before turning it back on. You might need to use some compressed air if you stored your AC in your garage or attic, up into your vents,and also wipe it outside with a cleaner.


Aside from the plug-in that powers up your A/C, another important tool you’ll needis a brand new air filter. In fact, you can buy them in bulk the next time you drop by a hardware store so you will not have an excuse fornot being able tochange your filter regularly every month. Your unit does not have to work harder if there is no obstruction in its air flow. After all, you’ll likely have your A/C working hard in the succeeding months. You not only extend the lifespan of your A/C by ensuring you have sufficient air flow, you can also expect lower energy bills by having a more energy-efficient unit. Lastly, the most important consideration why having clean air filters is important for you is to breathe in cool and clean air inside your home. You have the assurance that it is not full of pollen, dust, or harmful bacteria.


Before the summer season starts, you must not only inspect your A/C unit. You must also check your home’s vents and duct system since they are also essential in effectively cooling down your home. Take advantage of the time when you no longer use your furnace anymore and is still not in dire need of your A/C’s cool breeze to remove the buildup of dust and dirt on the register. You’ll avoid a billow of black smoke greeting you when you first turn your A/C unit on. Then, proceed by checking the vents for leaks that can increase your energy bills and limit your A/C’s maximum efficiency.At times, Edmonton A/C servicemen can perform pressure tests or utilize their gadgets to determine whether there are likely leaks in your home’s ventilation.


Another important aspect of your A/C that you must look into is its fan belts or similar timing components inside the unit, especially if it has been idle for a long time. Its rubbers can quickly break, rot, or wear out if you have stored it in a chilly or soggy utility room or basement. Anytime during the Spring or Summer, make it a point to inspect these belts since they are prone to stretching out as time goes by. It also must have the least amount of slack required.Tightening the belts only takes a few seconds, while it might take a little longer if you have to replace them. But you’ll get better with it the more often you do it.


Indeed, the best way to find out if your unit is up for the sweltering heat of the summer is after letting it go for a dry run. It is like a test drive in car lingo. On a warm summer day, close all the windows and doors in your home and turn your A/C on. Observe if you can feel that your home is cooling down after a certain period. By going through the dry run in advance, you have ample of time to work on the issues before you face a 90-degree day and get visibly more annoyed. Furthermore, it is an excellent way to rid your entire system of the grime and dirt buildup that has infiltrated your ductwork over winterby running an A/C that has been idle for a long while,


If you observe problems during your advance dry run, like loose parts, loud noises, spitting dust, or no longer cools, it is an excellent choice to involve an Edmonton A/C specialist. Allow them to do a tune-up of your unit. Experts can perform a wide range of troubleshooting in a few minutes. They can also tighten loose belts and other essential parts and ensure thatit has sufficient fluids. These HVAC contractors will even survey the exterior of your home and identify areas that cost you a lot of money. For instance, they’ll point out windows that do not have proper insulationsor a bedroom without curtains or drapes that faces the sun. All in all, an HVAC specialist will give your cooling system the final recap,so you are rest assured that your home is ready to beat the Summer heat.

You might also learn a few more tips on how to store your air conditioner unit properly during the Winter season to nail down an efficient cooling system waiting for you come summer. Bear in mind to store your window A/Cs in an upright position. If you can arrange it, ensure that it is in a temperature controlled part of the house. If you plan on putting it in your storage shed or garage, wrap your A/C tightly inside a blanket, tarp, or plastic,so it secure all throughout winter. Lastly, do not put anything above the unit, or somewhere items will likely fall and leave itbusted. One last thing, go back to this page once again around the same time of the year after yet another Winter season of complaining and cursing about the extreme cold and too much snow.