Edmonton Alberta Residential HVAC & Plumbing Firm Service Partnership Announced

Edmonton, AB residential HVAC & plumbing firm Air Conditioning Edmonton announced the commencement of a service partnership with local firm Capital Plumbing & Heating. The partnership offers access to 24-hour emergency repairs and industry-leading HVAC services in the city and across northern and central Alberta. Edmonton, Alberta residential HVAC & plumbing firm Air Conditioning Edmonton […]

How to Replace a Furnace

Gas and Oil furnaces are a wonderful addition to have in any home or business. They heat the rooms they go into completely, are easy to control from one central location and even help clean the air in the home or business they are working in. They also have a reputation as being very durable […]

Tools Professionals Use to Troubleshoot Furnace Problems

Service technicians can be your best friend when you are having problems with such things as appliances, furnaces, plumbing and other things around your home. These skilled workers are great at doing repairs quickly and efficiently in their area of expertise. Any service technician will tell you there are certain tools that they must carry […]

Steps to follow when oil furnace troubleshooting

Part of the reasons that gas and oil furnaces are so popular is because they are so durable and hardly ever break down. At the same time that does not mean you will never have a problem with your oil furnace if you won one. They last such a long time virtually no who owns […]

Why a Forced Air Furnace Makes a Great Place to Install a High Efficiency Water Heater

Water is something that every home uses to make life easier and more comfortable for you and your family. Hot water in particular also plays an important role in such things as bathing, washing clothes, washing dishes and cleaning. That is a big reason why that an estimated 30% of a home’s monthly energy bill […]

Why Add A Central Air Conditioning System To Your Furnace Purchase?

Furnaces have proved to be a huge step up in convenience over previous ways to heat a home. This is taken even one step further when it comes to purchasing the furnace unit with an air conditioning system for it too. Even though the summer season in Canada is not a long one, it still […]

50 Best Home Improvement Blogs 2016

Air-Conditioning-Edmonton.ca is proud to present to you 50 Best Home Improvement Blogs 2016. Although this is the first year that we have produced a list, we plan to do this every year. So, if you come across a home improvement blog that you like, send it to us so that we can review it. You […]

Common Types of Boiler Repairs and Troubleshooting

For the most part water boilers are pretty sturdy and long lasting pieces of equipment and that is good because you are so dependent on them for heat and hot water. With that being said, they are a piece of equipment that is constantly under stress and strain also. The parts expand and contract with […]

HVAC Air Conditioning Maintenance

Central heating and Air has taken home comfort levels to new standards and really helps improve heating and air conditioning efficiency in a home too. Not only does it heat and cool the rooms it goes into thoroughly but it also improves the air quality in the house too. One misconception that people often has […]

The Many Hats that HVAC Contractors Wear

Most people have trouble learning one job well in their lifetime let alone adding one or two more different tasks to their work regimen. Think of how HVAC contractors must feel with all the different types of jobs they have to know about in order to get their job done. Here is a sample of […]