Due to the growing demand for ductless ACs, many homeowners are asking the question: “Are ductless air conditioners worth it?” Depending on your home’s cooling requirements, ductless air conditioners may be worth considering. This type of appliance can offer many benefits to your Edmonton home. Ductless air conditioning systems allow for greater customization of your home’s climate. You can adjust the temperature in different rooms based on how you use them. If you have one unit in your living and bedroom, you can turn the temperature of your bedroom and living room units on different days. This setup will save you money on energy bills compared to a central air conditioning system.

Installation Costs

The cost of installation will depend on whether you have an existing system. A central air system that does not have ducts will cost you more as you will need to install them. Central air can be a cost-saving option if you already have ductwork. If you don’t have or don’t want to install ducts in your home, a ductless system is a great option. Ductless systems are simple. They only have two parts: the indoor unit mounted on the wall and the outdoor conduit. There are no ducts, as the name suggests.

Other Factors

Other factors will influence your decision, such as the size of the home. Ductless air conditioners generally don’t have enough power to cool the entire house. These units are an excellent choice for those who only need to cool a few rooms or if you live in a condominium. A ductless AC is quieter than central AC units, so a ductless AC might be the right choice if you are sensitive to noises. You can also get supplemental heating from some ductless AC units. If you constantly use a space heater in winter, you might consider installing a more efficient ductless system.

You will not hide a ductless system in your home. In contrast, central air conditioners hide in a basement or inaccessible closet. Ductless air conditioners sit on the wall in your living or bedroom. A ductless system may not be the best choice if you are concerned about how your home looks.

Ductless air conditioning systems offer greater control over zoning, cost less, are quieter, and can save you money on energy.


Ductless air conditioners are more efficient than central air systems. No ductwork is a significant factor. Central air conditioners cool the air and then transport the conditioned air via ducts. However, the treated air can loses some of its coldness as it passes through the ducts. The warmer air means that your AC unit may need to produce cooler air to bring down the temperature inside your home.

The possibility of efficiency loss is more significant for central air conditioner units. If a technician does not install the duct system correctly, there will be efficiency losses due to damaged or aging ductwork. In addition, your ducts may have too many sections, which may have made the system take longer than it should. Central air is more complicated than ductless. Ductless only has two pieces, so it’s tough to cause damage during installation.

You can turn off one wall unit if you have multiple units in different rooms. Turning off a unit increases efficiency because you don’t have to pay for cooling rooms you aren’t using. You can control the temperature in your home with a ductless system.

The SEER ratings of modern ductless air conditioners are excellent. A SEER rating means the ratio of coolant output to energy wattage required to produce that cool air. The higher the SEER rating of your air conditioner unit, the more efficient it will be in creating cool air and using less energy.

Summary: Are Ductless Air Conditioners Worth It?

Ductless air conditioner systems are more efficient than others. Ductless ACs are more efficient because they eliminate the need for ducts and use modern, efficient technology. As a result, they consume less energy and save you money.