Technican repairing a furnaceGas and Oil furnaces are a wonderful addition to have in any home or business. They heat the rooms they go into completely, are easy to control from one central location and even help clean the air in the home or business they are working in. They also have a reputation as being very durable and needing very few repairs. With that being said, they do not last a lifetime and occasionally need to be replaced. Replacing a furnace is not as easy as one would think either and there are steps you need to take so you know how to replace a furnace properly. Here are some important things to consider when replacing your furnace.


Of course when you are shopping for a new furnace you must consider the cost. You may wish to have the fanciest furnace out there that is made but if it does not fit your budget or financing then you obviously cannot purchase that model. Try not to only emphasize cost when making a new furnace purchase.


Another important thing you need to know if you want to know how to replace a furnace is the compatibility of the new unit with the old one. Any new model you will purchase will have to fit in the same space as the old one. You will also need to have the new furnace use the same fuel as the old furnace; if the old one used natural gas the new one must use the same or you will have to go to the expense of adding a new fuel line.


You don’t want to make a higher end purchase of something like a furnace and then have to worry about putting money into right away if you have a problem with it. So an important part of knowing how to replace a furnace is selecting a brand that has a warranty that will cover the product for several years.

Sophistication of the Unit

You may want to consider getting fancier controls with your new model such as being able to control the temperature in individual rooms or being able to program the furnace to come on and off several times a day.

The Company you are Purchasing From

Make sure you buy your new furnace unit from a company that has an excellent reputation in your area. You don’t want to have problems with the installation, promises that are not met or have problems with warranty service when you need it.

Speed of Installation

This could be a huge factor if your furnace stops working in the dead of winter. You will need to get it replaced as soon as possible. So if you have two units that you are looking at that you like then maybe your decision is made by the one that can be installed by the company the fastest.

Now you know how to replace a furnace; just be sure to consider all of these things before buying a replacement furnace.

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