centralairconditioningsystemFurnaces have proved to be a huge step up in convenience over previous ways to heat a home. This is taken even one step further when it comes to purchasing the furnace unit with an air conditioning system for it too. Even though the summer season in Canada is not a long one, it still has its fair share of uncomfortably hot days where air conditioning is a real treat to have. Here are some very good reasons to add a central air conditioning system to any furnace purchase.

Reasons to Add a Central Air Conditioning System

  1. It’s less expensive than adding one on at a later date. When adding a central air conditioning system to an existing furnace it can be a tedious and expensive undertaking to say the least. It is much more convenient and cost effective to simply add one at the time of purchase. Any time you can save some money on something that it benefits you to have it’s a good idea to go ahead and get it done.
  2. It gives you total seasonal convenience. There is no more lugging of bulky air conditioners in and out of the windows of your home if you buy a central air conditioning system at the same time you purchase your furnace. All you have to do to heat or cool your home is to go to one central location in it, turn the HVAC system on and then set the temperature where you want it to be. You can even set the temperature where you like it and then simply leave it there all year long without ever touching the controls again; it really is that convenient a system to use.
  3. Increased comfort. There is no home that is more comfortable than a home that has the ability to be both heated and cooled. With just a flick of a switch your HVAC system can go from heating to cooling or even to being not used at all. The forced air in the system will fill all the rooms completely with cooled air for the ultimate in summertime comfort.
  4. Your service needs are taken care of all in one place. When you purchase your central air conditioning system at the same time you purchase your furnace, you get the benefit of dealing with just one company for everything. This includes such things as the installation, repairs, warranty repairs and routine maintenance. It is so much easier to have this go through just one company instead of more than one.

These are some great reasons to at least consider adding a central air conditioning system to your new furnace purchase. They are the very reasons why so many people choose to do this when making an HVAC purchase. Adding a central air conditioning system at the time you purchase your furnace not only makes good sense; it will save you money and give you total year round control over the comfort level in your own home.

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