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6 Easy Steps to Installing a Vertical Air Conditioner

Vertical air conditioners work very well with sliding windows. Learn how to install a vertical a/c yourself.

Whether it’s a good idea or not, many a homeowner are preferring to do as much as their DIY work as possible around the property. Doing-it-Yourself is an admirable feat as it’s always wise to learn a new skill while not having to ‘farm out’ every single repair and modification. Some conquerable tasks can include changing an HVAC filter, foam sealing cracks in the foundation and painting the walls. A remedial and inevitable job of each summer is installing an air conditioner. While the standard window air conditioners don’t put up much of a fight, if you encounter a sliding window, you may utter a slight ‘uh-oh’. Have no fear, a vertical air conditioner is available and installs almost just as easily:

Find the Right Window

Obviously the reason you’re looking to install a vertical air conditioner is because the window is a sliding type but know that not all windows are the same. You’ll need a window that is close to a three-prong outlet as a power strip or extension cord likely doesn’t supply enough juice. The window should also be free of rotting wood and ideally will have some shade in the near vicinity to ease the workload of the vertical air conditioner.

Install Mounting Hardware

Unlike a horizontal window that uses the lip of the open window to keep the A/C in place, a vertical air conditioner needs mounting hardware. Typically this mounting hardware installs to support the base of the vertical air conditioner that also helps for a safer install.

Create Mounting System

There is another way to create a mounting system when trying to turn a standard window A/C into a vertical air conditioner. You’ll simply need to fasten a long square wood block to the top lip of the air conditioner that when installed will brace up against the window to keep from falling out.

Install the Vertical Air Conditioner

It never hurts to have a second pair of hands on deck when attempting to place the vertical air conditioner into the window. If the window is on the first floor, an inside and outside team combination works best.

Secure Window In Place

Once the vertical air conditioner is in place, you’ll want to keep it there and prevent the window from opening unexpectedly. A block of wood that fits securely into place where the window would slide is the best method.

Create a Seal

The final step in completing the installation of the unit is to create an air-tight seal. A piece of Plexiglas cut to size will help shore up all the open space on top of the air conditioner. Secure the Plexiglas into place with tape and fill any gaps in and around the air conditioner with foam.

One final tip to enjoy the window air conditioner is to run it efficiently. Seal off the room by closing doors to keep the cool air inside and always turn off or at least down the unit at night or when leaving the home for the day.

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