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When you go to the doctor’s clinic for a long awaited check-up, it usually is the best time to tell the doctor all the things that have been bothering you for a while now. It is sort of like getting things done while you at it. In reality, a checkup to the doctor pretty much resembles the need for repairs in your home. We all have that tendency to put off things for later like plumbing repairs, your roof shingles, or even the HVAC system to have someone simultaneously work on them at a convenient time.

No matter how much you want to avoid it, the time will come that you AC will eventually fail. You can try patching it up for quite some time. However, time will come that temporary fixes will no longer work. Since both the furnace and the AC go through the same ductwork, a lot of homeowners gets tempted to change their AC when they replace their furnace, or replace furnace and AC at the same time. There are several advantages when you do it, and some notable disadvantages as well. So, consider the following before making any big investments:


A big consideration why a lot of homeowners are hesitant to change both their furnace and AC at the same time is because of the large initial expense associated with it. The tax incentives and kickbacks lighten its deep blow to your wallet, but you still have to pay its big price tag. Without a doubt, it will put a big strain on the rest of your finances if you decide to have both furnace and AC installed hand in hand.

Borrowing loans from equities can soften the damage to your pocket brought about by a new furnace and AC. But the fact remains that you have to pay that loan after a certain period. After all, any homeowner will be freed from the worry of having to replace their units for a long time after its installation. They work efficiently over a long period and are often covered by their warranty. So, there’s nothing you have to worry anymore. Purchasing a dual unit is a nice kickback for the company Furnace Repair Edmonton.


By replacing both your cooling and heating units together, you’ll be able to save on the cost of installation over time. For example, when a homeowner buys a furnace this year, he can expect to pay the unit cost and the installation fee at that time. But then, imagine two years down the road and his AC fails. He is most likely going to buy a new AC unit and pay the corresponding installation fee. So, if he was any wiser and bought replacements for both units together, he’ll only pay one installation charge. He’ll even benefit from government incentives or tax breaks to offset the high cost of the two units. There are even furnace companies in Edmonton that does not charge for labor as an incentive for simultaneously buying two units.


A major issue when simultaneously changing a unit when you are having one installed is the fact that one of them, either the furnace or AC, still works well and do not need a replacement. Despite the fact that your unit is way past its warranty or expected lifespan, you still have no idea when it will finally break down and become a useless piece of an appliance. If you decide to change it when you have another installation, you might be wasting 10 or more so years that it can still work efficiently. And the thing is that its warranty might still cover it. It is always a risk when you decide to change both your heating and cooling units together. But then, you might forego a replacement now, together with one of your unit. But when one of them starts to fail the next month, you’ll have no choice but to pay another installation fee that you could have easily avoided a month ago.


An interior and exterior cabinet composes a central AC. Its exterior portion holds the compressor along with condenser coil while its interior part holds the evaporator coil together with the air blower. Your furnace also utilizes these. If ever you change the AC along with the furnace, you can have the assurance that both are well-suited for each other and will function as efficiently as possible. When you do not have a complimentary system (whether it is the AC or furnace), the old one will not be able to keep up with the new one thereby losing both their efficiency altogether. Essentially, by being frugal and not changing both your units together, you might kill your new unit’s efficiency by partnering it with an old one. A mismatched unit experiences extreme stress, which is why a lot of manufacturers do not offer a full warranty when you buy a new unit that will run with an old unit back at your home.


A fine analogy is when you buy your work pants. Buy them all together and they’ll likely get worn out around the same time and you have to buy all new ones at the same time once again. But then, you can opt to buy a pair or two every once in a while so you’ll have a great mix of old and new pants you can alternately wear. It’s almost the same case when buying your AC and furnace altogether. It is a big sale for Furnace Sales Edmonton, but you can also have the assurance of not having to spend much for the next 10 to 15 years when it comes to your furnace and AC. However, you are aware that the day will come when both units can no longer serve you, and both will be needing replacements altogether at a time when you just paid them off. What’s more sensible and highly recommended is to buy either unit with a five to seven years gap to get the best deal.

ADVANTAGE: HAVE AN UPGRADE TO TOP OF THE LINE MODELS offers homeowners a chance to upgrade their units to top of the line and more energy-efficient models when they buy both their furnace and AC at the same time. You’ll notice your savings from your utility charges and having such units will decrease your carbon footprint. And during the first year, you’ll also likely to earn tax credits too.