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Is a Natural Gas Furnace Right for You?

Edmonton residents utilize about 60% of their average energy consumption in heating their home. It is why you need to be picky when it comes to picking your Edmonton home’s cooling and heating system.

A lot of residents utilize a central furnace system that makes use of natural gas to fuel their forced-air system. The natural gas furnace warms up the air by utilizing a fan in blowing the warm air as it passes the ductwork and is then distributed all over your Edmonton home.

Modern versions of an Edmonton forced-air furnace takes pride in having high Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) that greatly reduces heating cost over time. In reality, mid-efficiency furnaces were already phased out all over Canada by the end of 2009.


A highly efficient natural gas furnace is the only one that is qualified to earn an Energy Star Label. A product that boasts of an Energy Star Label indicates that such an item earns the qualification as the mostenergy efficient item in its category. The AFUE rating measures the volume of fuel utilized in converting space heat equals to the amount of the fuel that runs the furnace. It is the fuel percentage from the overall fuel amount utilized in generating heat.


Furnace in this category has a 90% to 97% AFUE rating.

  • Capacity to distribute 90% up to 97% of the total heat generated in your entire house. Only a measly 3% goes out of your chimney. A much older furnace aged 15 to 20 years allows around 40% to 45% of the heat to go out of your chimney.
  • Will save you around 24% of the money you spend on energy bills in comparison to amid-efficiency furnace that is fueled by natural gas.
  • You need a floor drain to remove the excess water that is the by-product of the entire heating process.
  • You also need a chimney to release the by-products of combustion through various plastic pipes set up outside your home.
  • It is otherwise known as a “condensing furnace” since it allows water vapor to condense and extract more heat as the outcome of the use of combustion products fueled by natural gas.
  • This kind of furnace is safer to utilize since it produces fewer carbon dioxide emissions.


  • Quickly warms up your home.
  • It works as a humidifier and filters air inside your home.
  • Capacity in providing both ventilation and central air conditioning.
  • Efficient throughout the year in circulating air in each room,as well as regulate the balance of heat distribution during cool days.


  • It provides varied air temperature.
  • The circulating air feels cooler even if it is warmer than the current temperature in your room.
  • Generates warm air in shorter bursts.
  • The fan can produce some annoying noise depending on your home’s ductwork.
  • It will also circulate the existing dust inside your Edmonton home.Same thing with odors emanating from your kitchen and other smells from your entire home.

With around 60% of your money spend on monthly energy costs going to your Edmonton home’s heating system, it is essential that you choose the right kind of natural gas furnace.The majority of contemporary forced-air furnaces boasts an AFUE rating that is around 90% to 97%. Hence, only 3% up to a maximum of 10% of heat is lost when it gets out through the chimney. You can significantly save around 24% on your energy bills than mid-efficiency furnaces.