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Most people have trouble learning one job well in their lifetime let alone adding one or two more different tasks to their work regimen. Think of how HVAC contractors must feel with all the different types of jobs they have to know about in order to get their job done. Here is a sample of all the different types of knowledge you are getting when you open the door to greet your local HVAC contractor for a service call.

PR Specialist

You will notice this the pleasant way they greet you when first meeting. There is no person to do the introduction for them so they will take it upon themselves to greet you and then listen to your concerns so they can get your HVAC problems worked out.


HVAC contractors do not just show up and start to take things out and replace them. They will first have to carefully diagnose the problem and then tell you what is involved in that type of work and if the parts are available now or they have to be ordered. If you are like most people you will also want an estimate of the cost of the repairs.


Once you have your estimate the HVAC contractor will next have to convince you that it is in your best interest to get the work done and that they are the right person to do the job for you. They will also talk to you about what is involved in the repair you need, the quality of the parts they will be using and what warranties come with the job.


Once the work starts then you will really see how well rounded the knowledge base is for HVAC contractors.

Electronics technician

They will first start the repair by turning off the system. If the repair involves the sophisticated electronic controls they are able to diagnose where the problem lies. They also have to have at least a basic knowledge of how electricity flows and works and most importantly how to safely work around it.


If any parts need to be changed out on the system they can handle it because they possess a large amount of mechanical knowledge. They can swap out broken parts and replace such things as fan motors and condenser units.

Plumbing and Gas Specialists

There might be both plumbing connections and gas connections too that are part of your central air heating and cooling system. Your HVAC contractor will know all about doing such things as fixing leaks and getting out clogs in the lines of both these types equipment.



When the work is done there will be the matter of the bill and by now it is probably no surprise to you that your HVAC contractor can skillfully handle that too.

Of course once the work has been done and the bill paid, good HVAC contractors will once again use there PR skills to thank you for the business and wish you a good day.