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Water is something that every home uses to make life easier and more comfortable for you and your family. Hot water in particular also plays an important role in such things as bathing, washing clothes, washing dishes and cleaning. That is a big reason why that an estimated 30% of a home’s monthly energy bill comes from heating water. What if there was a better way to heat water in your home if you already have a forced air furnace? If you own a forced air furnace chances are you can install a tankless high efficiency water heater on it. Here are the reasons that style water heater is considered highly efficient.

1. A lot of the heat is already there

In any combustion process some of the heat that is produced is wasted. By installing a tankless water heater on a system you not only use the heat that is already created in the combustion process but you use some of this wasted heat that the process produces also. This helps to make the unit even more energy efficient than it already is and produces hot water for a fraction of the cost of electric heaters. It does all this while giving you unlimited hot water at the same time.

2. There is no tank of water being constantly reheated

Electric water heaters are thermostat controlled and have water storage tanks in them. This combination makes them horribly inefficient because the water in the tank requires the heater to constantly come on and reheat the water to maintain it at the set temperature of the system. There is no such process in a tankless water heater that runs off of an oil or gas fired furnace because there is no storage tank and the high heat the system produces instantly heats the water going through it to a temperature that is suitable for bathing and other uses. This is the reason that tankless water heaters are considered a high efficiency water heater.

3. Heating water with gas or oil is much more efficient than electric

We have already mentioned that when you heat water with gas or oil the heat is much hotter and much more instantaneous than if you are heating water with an electric heating element. As a matter of fact, you would need several heating elements working together in an electric water heater to produce the heat that a gas or oil fired furnace produces naturally in its combustion process. Any type of electrical heater that uses this type of technology would cost a small fortune to run and would certainly not be considered a high efficiency water heater.

So if you want to cut down on energy costs and you already own or are thinking about installing a forced air furnace; you may also want to highly consider adding a high efficiency water heater that is tankless to that system too. You will both save money in the long run and get the luxury of having unlimited hot water.

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