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Furnace contractors can be pretty important when it comes to installing or replacing the HVAC system in your home. Along with the knowledge and responsibility they have comes a series of questions that need to be answered by curious consumers. Here is a list of frequently asked Furnace Contractors FAQ questions.

Question: Are there advantages to having central heating and air installed in my home?

A: Absolutely; you will get the convenience of being able to control the temperature of your house from one convenient location, you will get the health benefits associated with constant filtered air circulation and you will also get some energy savings if you raise and lower the thermostat when you are coming and going from your house. So yes, there are money-saving, convenience, health benefits and more that an owner of a central heating system gets.

Question: Does an HVAC System do a good job of getting pet dander out of the air? I am asking because I have allergies.

A: The answer to your question is yes. It’s no secret that pet dander builds up quickly in a house, especially if you have more than one furry friend. Experts have identified pet dander as one of the leading causes of allergies so I am not surprised you asked this question. Since the air from a central heating and air unit is filtered and constantly circulated it can trap a large amount of pet dander right in the filter itself. This can be taken one step further even by purchasing a HEPA type air filter for your HVAC system that filters out a large percentage of Allergens.

Question: Howe often do HVAC air filters need to be changed?

A: This is actually not as easy a question to answer as one might think. The reason for that is that different homes have different amounts of solid particles in the air that circulate through the system and they also have different types of filters on those systems. If you have low quality filters such as cheap fiberglass ones then go ahead and replace those every month. For more expensive filters like HEPA filters you should be able to clean those up pretty good with a wet/dry vac each month and then they will last you up to six months or more.

The best way to answer this question I guess is to advise you to check them monthly and clean or replace them as necessary. They are too important to the overall functioning of the system and to your health to play around with.

Question: If I want to install a new HVAC system will a dealer come out to my house and inspect the site and give me an estimate for free.

A: Most HVAC dealers would have no problem coming out to your residence and taking a look at the setup at no charge to you. At the same time they can show you what they have to offer in terms of equipment and give you a ball park figure as to what the cost for installation would be.

We hoped these answers helped you and a quick internet search will bring up many more Furnace Contractors FAQ questions and answers.