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6 Effortless Steps to Avoid Pricy Air Conditioning Repair Charges

It is an answered prayer to have an air conditioning unit during warm summer days. However, many homeowners cringe as they switch on their air conditioner. Operating air conditioners are expensive, and it is double the headache and financial burden if you are in need of an air conditioning repair. Fortunately, there are several things you can do and observe to ensure that your home air conditioner is in perfect shape all throughout the year.

• Keep abreast of your maintenance

It is not just a recommendation from the air conditioning manufacturer to have your unit’s yearly maintenance, but it could even be a part of the warranty’s requirement. If the air conditioner fails due to negligence on the owner’s part (maintenance, filter change etc.), the warranty can be voided by the manufacturer. A yearly check-up and tune-up are an excellent way to ensure that the air distributed by you’re A/C is clean, and you’ll also pay a lower utility bill too.

• Utilize an Alternate Cooling Method

Do not stress your air conditioner so much to avoid repairs. For example, use a ceiling fan or open the windows on cooler hours of the day when the climate stays relatively around the 20’s at most. Observing these alternate cooling methods can preserve the AC’s life, reduce utility charges, and distribute clean air into your home as you finally open up your windows.

• Insulate

Insulating your home and closing all air gaps will ease the stress and your A/C’s workload. The cool air that escapes your home is a big misuse of money, which makes you’re A/C to run more often, leading to premature wear and tear, and ultimately the unavoidable repair. So, make it a point to install proper insulation and seal gaps around windows or by the doors.

• Purchase the Correct A/C Size

Buying the correct A/C size is essential in your home, because you ca easily buy a unit that is too large. If the A/C is too huge, it will end up cycling too fast. It will not be able to filter the air properly, causing it to become humid and heated air can easily seep into your home once again. Meanwhile, an A/C that is much too small will run more frequently and lead to very high electric bills. It is necessary to buy the correct A/C size (one to five tons), just enough to cover your home’s expanse.

• Protecting your Windows

Air Conditioning repair can be prevented by protecting your windows by putting window shades or blinds. The sun shining in a room in the afternoon can make the temperature in the room soar higher, and result in your A/C having to run more often even when no one is at home. The use of window shades alongside a thermostat that can be programmed will surely prevent A/C repairs and reduce utility bills too.

• Put a Shade on the Exterior of the Unit

You can also lessen the stress on your A/C’s condensing unit if you put a shade or a protective shield on it outside. Allow ample space for your A/C unit to vent out, but don’t stress it too much with the searing heat of the sun on its exterior cooling parts.