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During those incredible hot and long summer days those of you that own an air conditioner are very thankful. It can really take the edge off the day and also helps you sleep better at night. The one drawback is you might have a slight heart attack when you see your next electric bill because it is not cheap to run an air conditioner. That is why it is so important to have an energy efficient air conditioner. But how do you tell if you have an energy efficient air conditioner or not? Here are some things to look at that are characteristics of an energy efficient air conditioner.

The label

Of course the most obvious way to tell if you have an energy efficient air conditioner is by checking the rating label that it comes with; of course it will most likely only be on there if you purchase your air conditioner new. There is usually a clearly identifiable yellow label that is required to be present on all new air conditioners; this is true whether they are window models, ductless split air conditioners or even part of a central air conditioning system.

This label will tell you the approximate energy usage of the unit and its subsequent efficiency rating because of that energy usage. The higher this rating number is the more energy efficient air conditioner you have. So if you are shopping for an air conditioner make sure to go out of your way to check this label so you make sure are getting an energy efficient air conditioner. Most of the time it is well worth it to spend a little extra money to get a higher rated and more energy efficient air conditioning unit.

How quickly it cools a room

This one is a little tricky because it works both ways but it will give you an idea if you have an energy efficient air conditioner or not. If your air conditioning unit takes a long time to cool the room that it is in then it is probably working very hard and is not big enough for the space that it is trying to cool; this will also make it a very inefficient unit. The converse is true also even though most people do not realize it; an air conditioner that cools a room very quickly is probably oversized for the task it is doing and may also be less energy efficient as a result. An acceptable model air conditioner as far as efficiency goes will gradually cool the room it’s in over a 30 minute period and have no problem maintaining a cool temperature in the room no matter how hot it is outside.

It cannot be emphasized enough how important it is to get an energy efficient air conditioner. The right efficiency model can literally save you hundreds of dollars a year on your home heating and cooling bill and that will be more than enough to pay for the increased cost of a more energy efficient model.

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