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Air conditioning has to be one of the best inventions that was ever designed and that is pretty cool since the process was discovered accidentally while trying to cool an industrial process. These days we have become almost totally dependent on it being there on those hot summer days that nobody likes to be outside in. With that being said, there are a lot of different type of air conditioners on the market. One of those that are rapidly gaining in popularity is the ductless split air conditioner. Here are some of its traits that make this type of air conditioner so popular.


These systems are not nearly as large as that of a central cooling system. When combined with the fact that a ductless split air conditioner only has a small control unit and a small cooling unit it makes them a lot less expensive than most other types of air conditioning units. Cost alone is one of the number one reasons why people are starting to purchase these systems over other air conditioning choices.

Ease of Installation

With the cooling unit being conveniently located outside of the house in a bigger area it makes these types of air conditioners very easy to install. The inside control unit is conveniently placed inside the room on a wall that is near the cooling unit. They also do not require the installation of any tedious ductwork during the process either. Other than an inefficient and ugly window air conditioner, there are no other types of air conditioning units that are easier to install.

Ease of repair

This one might not even be worth mentioning because a ductless split air conditioner is a very durable product. Very seldom do these need to be repaired if they are kept away from harsh environments.

Space savings

We already told you that the only thing that these systems are composed of is a control unit, a cooling unit and a short amount of connective tubing and wiring. They take up very little space to say the least. The cooling units are so small they can even be installed on a building ledge or braced on a small elevated platform and the control units mount high up on a wall to save space.

No Ductwork

What is one of the best features of a ductless split air conditioner? You have to look no further than its name for this one. It takes no extra ductwork to run it; this saves time on the installation and money on the unit itself too. This makes these types of air conditioners perfect for use on separate garages, new additions on a house and other small spaces you want to cool without having to connect into existing ductwork.

Once you take a look at all the positive traits that a ductless split air conditioner has it is not hard to see why they have gotten so popular to use lately. This trend looks to continue for many years to come.

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