Pros and Cons of Home Heating Systems

Home Heating Systems You may own one or more kinds of heating systems. They vary and will likely involve one that blows hot air through ductwork, to piping your floor with hot water. Whatever kind of home heating system you may have, it will surely have its pros and cons. So, take a quick look […]

Misguided Beliefs Concerning HVAC Systems

HVAC Systems: The Six Costly Misguided Beliefs You Can Avoid Most Edmonton homeowners simply cannot tell the difference between a good HVAC system and one that is costing so much money and energy in repair costs that it’s not worth it anymore. When we’re out making calls, we hear a lot of common myths from the […]

11 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your HVAC System

At What Point Does it Make Sense to Stop Putting Money Into an Old Heating & Cooling System and Buy a New, More Efficient HVAC System? Heating and air conditioning systems can work for a long time if you properly maintain them. However, there comes a time when various components start giving up, and the […]

A Simple Checklist for Furnace Services

While spring cleaning gets all the attention, some homeowners might be surprised to learn that winter cleaning is also one of the most important furnace services. Since you spend what seems like 95% of the winter months indoors, it’s important to vacuum the home of dust and debris every cycle of the furnace. To ensure […]

How to Remember to Replace Residential AC and Furnace Filters

One of the most important things to remember with forced air HVAC systems is to be vigilant in changing the residential AC or furnace air filter. In Edmonton, this needs to be done at a minimum of every three months but to those with extreme allergies a monthly change will do you good. The dangers […]

How Much Money Is That Dirty Furnace Filter Costing You?

Many times when an HVAC company visits your home for boiler repairs it may beckon you back to the 5th grade and an incessant lecturing from a teacher. The furnace repair person isn’t just towing the company line when they stress over and over the importance of keeping a clean furnace – they’re trying to […]

How to Find the Right Air and Heating Contractor

Five Keys to Finding a Quality Cooling & Heating Contractor As an Edmonton homeowner, you should be well aware that being picky with who you hire to do house repairs is not only acceptable, it’s encouraged. While some services such as a roof replacement are once in 12-15 year interactions, working with a heating contractor could occur […]

How to Troubleshoot the Most Likely Oil Furnace Problems

In many older Edmonton homes, the go-to method for heating is an oil furnace. These aren’t as common as a gas furnace or electric unit but are clean burning and do a very efficient job of warming up the house. Unfortunately, just like any heating system the oil furnace is prone to some mechanical breakdowns. […]