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For the most part water boilers are pretty sturdy and long lasting pieces of equipment and that is good because you are so dependent on them for heat and hot water. With that being said, they are a piece of equipment that is constantly under stress and strain also. The parts expand and contract with each heat cycle and there is always the possibility of the water that runs through them causing corrosion and scale. Here are some common problems and their boiler repairs solutions and suggestions.

Unit Will Not Turn On

This could be the result of no power going to the system or the controls detected a problem and shut the system down. When this happens you need to check the breaker that controls the power going to the unit and look for any warning lights that are lit up on the display panel. This is most likely something that you will need a technician to fix for you if there was not a tripped breaker you needed to simply reset.

Radiators are not Heating

If the radiators on the system are hot at the bottom and not at the top then this is a sign of trouble. It usually means one of several things; either there is scale buildup in the system that is stopping the water from flowing properly through it, there is air in the system or the circulation pump has stopped working. The pump is easy to check because you should be able to hear it running when the system is on. You can try bleeding some air out of the system to help increase the circulation too. A scale or other buildup in the system will probably require it to be flushed by a professional.

Boiler Noise or System Radiator Noise

This is what is commonly known as ‘Kettling’ when it is noise that originates from the boiler area; it is often caused by scale buildup and the slow water flow through the unit causes overheating. Bleeding of the lines or draining the system is most likely the action you would take to remedy this situation.

Boiler is Constantly Losing Pressure

This is most likely the result of a water leak somewhere in the system. You can usually spot a water leak by looking for puddles of water on the floor around the system or other signs of moisture or white scale on the equipment itself. There may be some tips on how to reset this in your owner’s manual but if not you will have to call a professional service person.

Pilot Light Constantly Going Out

If you have a boiler unit that runs on natural gas then you may experience your pilot light having to constantly be relighted. If this is happening to you then you may want to check and see if there is a draft in the area that is causing the problem (window left open, hole in the building structure, etc…). If not it is most likely a broken thermocouple as they tend to corrode over time and you will need to call a professional boiler repairs technician.

The general rule with this complicated equipment is to fix it yourself it is something uncomplicated and to call a professional repairmen if it’s not.

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