Air Conditioner Tips & Tricks

Buying a larger air conditioner for your home may not necessarily make your home cooler during the hot summer months. If an air conditioner is too large it won’t cool the house properly either. As odd as that may sound, it’s important to purchase an air conditioner that is the right size for your home. […]

AC – Cool Your Self

Heat is something we use every day and we crave for it when it’s winter in Edmonton, Alberta. But once the scrutinizing summer heat sets in, we’d want to have all our AC’s, fans and cooling systems on to help us beat the heat. With these cooling needs however, come responsibilities and obligations we need […]

Edmonton Alberta Residential HVAC & Plumbing Firm Service Partnership Announced

Edmonton, AB residential HVAC & plumbing firm Air Conditioning Edmonton announced the commencement of a service partnership with local firm Capital Plumbing & Heating. The partnership offers access to 24-hour emergency repairs and industry-leading HVAC services in the city and across northern and central Alberta. Edmonton, Alberta residential HVAC & plumbing firm Air Conditioning Edmonton […]

Is Too Much Air Conditioning a Bad Thing?

Recently a family from Iowa travelled to Mexico and died due to gas asphyxiation from a faulty water heater that had rusted in the tropical humidity. “There was a leak, and it was coming right from the laundry room,” Christopher Martínez of the Fiscalia General Office in Tulum told the paper through a translator. “The […]

Are Hot Water Recirculating Pumps Good for Homeowners?

To conserve water and to get hot water more quickly, more and more homeowners are installing hot water recirculating pumps on their plumbing system. The concept is quite simple. You install a recirculating pump in the plumbing lines to circulate the water in the hot water pipes back into the water heater for re-heating. Thus, […]

How to Replace a Furnace

Gas and Oil furnaces are a wonderful addition to have in any home or business. They heat the rooms they go into completely, are easy to control from one central location and even help clean the air in the home or business they are working in. They also have a reputation as being very durable […]

Characteristics of Energy Efficient Air Conditioner

During those incredible hot and long summer days those of you that own an air conditioner are very thankful. It can really take the edge off the day and also helps you sleep better at night. The one drawback is you might have a slight heart attack when you see your next electric bill because […]

Important Traits of a Ductless Split Air Conditioner

Air conditioning has to be one of the best inventions that was ever designed and that is pretty cool since the process was discovered accidentally while trying to cool an industrial process. These days we have become almost totally dependent on it being there on those hot summer days that nobody likes to be outside […]

Tools Professionals Use to Troubleshoot Furnace Problems

Service technicians can be your best friend when you are having problems with such things as appliances, furnaces, plumbing and other things around your home. These skilled workers are great at doing repairs quickly and efficiently in their area of expertise. Any service technician will tell you there are certain tools that they must carry […]

Air Conditioner Troubleshooting

Air conditioners are one of the greatest things ever invented; at least that is what someone will say for sure in the hottest days of summer. They do a great job of keeping you and your family cool at that time of year. It is hard to do any physical activity when it’s hot inside […]