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Central heating and Air has taken home comfort levels to new standards and really helps improve heating and air conditioning efficiency in a home too. Not only does it heat and cool the rooms it goes into thoroughly but it also improves the air quality in the house too. One misconception that people often has is that there is no need for continued HVAC air conditioning maintenance; in reality this could not possible be further from the truth. Here are some air conditioning maintenance steps that should be done every 3 to 4 months.

Inside the House Air Conditioning Maintenance

Not much of your air conditioning maintenance will take place inside the home but there are still a few things you need to do.

– Make sure all the vent openings are clean and unobstructed. This is especially important for the air intake which will be the largest of all the vent covers that you see in your house; it is usually located in one of the main rooms.

Change the air filters on a regular basis and clean them up quickly with a shop vac in-between replacements. This is important because the air flow to the unit has a lot of important functions in the system and if the air starts to slow down it could cause some problems with the way your HVAC works.

Outside the Home Air Conditioning Maintenance

Paying attention to detail is important when you are doing your air conditioning maintenance outside near the unit.

– Keep all the vegetation, trees and shrubs away from the unit. That means cutting down any weeds that are growing around the air conditioning unit and other vegetation such as tall grasses. The unit needs to be able to take in air to work properly and any vegetation growing around the unit will block this all important airflow. Vegetation will also potentially speed up the corrosion on the unit by retaining excess moisture in the areas that it presses up against.

– Clean such things as dead leaves, tree branches and other debris off the top of the unit. That is where the fan is located and it needs to exhaust the warm air to keep the condensing unit from overheating. If this is not done it can lead to problems with the components in the unit getting too hot.

– Make sure the drip line from the unit is flowing smoothly and is unobstructed too. Also make sure there are no cracks or leaks in the line that may cause it to leak on something it may corrode or ruin. Keep the end opening free from dirt and vegetation too so the system does not get clogged.

Doing these air conditioning maintenance steps will go a long way toward keeping your air conditioning system in good working order. They will also help extend the units life too. If you do these maintenance steps every few months then your air conditioning unit will be all ready to go when those dog days of summer finally arrive.