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Air Conditioner Warranty

Sample Air Conditioner Warranty.

Perhaps no component is as important in an air conditioner as the manufacturer’s warranty. Sure it’s essential to have a high energy rating and an easy to use interface but air conditioner warranties serve as a peace of mind for the investment just in case something were to go wrong with the unit.

It’s not out of the realm to think that the A/C can breakdown, even if the air conditioner is only a couple years old. There are a number of moving parts in an A/C, as well as electronics, duct work, and more that are under extreme duress during the warm summer days. Some people are lucky enough to install their air conditioner and do nothing more than change the filter over the course of the next 20 years. For others, these tips about air conditioner warranties will come in handy.

Different Parts Are Covered For Various Amounts of Times

It would be nice if the manufacturer offered a straight up “10-year warranty” that covered every single component of an air conditioner, but that’s very rarely the case. For instance, most compressors are only covered from five to ten years whereas a blower motor could be ten years to life. There are separate parts warranties that cover all the little components that span anywhere from one year to five or more.

Extended Warranties May Be a Worthwhile Investment

On average, an air conditioner warranty will consist of one year for parts and five years for a compressor but that time frame can be pushed further out with an extended warranty. Since no homeowner knows for certain if and when their A/C will ever fail, the relatively inexpensive extended warranty may be a worthwhile investment.

Often Labour Isn’t Covered

Most long-term manufacturer warranties do not cover labour. The manufacturer ships out an inexpensive part that they have in bulk and lets the HVAC service supplier worry about getting paid for replacing the defective part. That being said, if an absolute lemon of an air conditioner fails within the first 90 days of installation, parts and labour are normally covered in full.

You Must Register the Air Conditioner

Simply buying the warranty as an add-on doesn’t guarantee that the manufacturer will cover the A/C as most manufacturers require the consumer to register the product within 60 days of the installation. To make the ownership official, you register the air conditioner online or over the phone. To be honest, most companies will still offer a base warranty package if you forget to register the product. But if you sign up, you get the full warranty package.

It’s important to note that before the warranty expires, hire a trusted HVAC service person to inspect the A/C to replace any parts while the warranty is in effect.