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Cleaning the Air Conditioner Filters

Your home heating and air system is one of the most vital appliances in your home as far as your comfort is concerned. Based on that fact it’s surprising that homeowners know so little about how to take care of the system. Even the simplest things like changing or cleaning the all-important air conditioner filters are often neglected. That filter is an inexpensive item that can easily be cleaned or replaced and is vital to the efficient operation of the entire heating and cooling system.

If you don’t clean your air conditioning filter or replace it on a regular basis your system will not get the vital air it needs to run properly. This will result in the system being very inefficient and will use up more electricity to run because it is being overworked. It is also bad for you and your family’s health because things such as dust and allergens are no longer being filtered out as the air circulates around your house.

There are several ways in which you can clean your air conditioner filters. The easiest way is to simply take a vacuum and go over the filter with it very thoroughly making sure you get all the dust and dirt you can off of it.

If using the vacuum does not get all the dirt and grime off the filter, the next step is to soak it in warm water. After the warm water has loosened up the ground in dirt and dust, you will then have to rinse all that off very thoroughly. Allow the filter to dry before putting it back in the heating and cooling unit or the dust that gets on it right away will tend to cake on your air conditioner filters.

Home Heating and Air Conditioning Filter Replacement

Experts recommend that you replace the filters on your heating and air system in your home every one to three months depending on what type of filter you have. Here are some common types of filters:

Electrostatic Air Filters – this type of air filter is great because static electricity helps keep them from getting clogged up and they do not have to be replaced very often. The downside is they do not filter small dust and dirt particles.
Fiberglass panel filters – These are the least expensive of all the different types of air conditioner filters. They need to be cleaned and replaced very often and they do not filter small dust and dirt particles well.
Media air filters – these are what are used by many service professionals. They are inexpensive but do a nice job cleaning the air too. They need only be replaced every three months.
HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) Filters – these are the best filters for filtering out dust, allergens and other small particles from your filter. They are on the higher end of the pricing scale but do not need to be replaced very often.

So take the time that is needed to replace and clean your air conditioner filters on a regular basis to keep your system working efficiently and to cut down on potential health problems in the home.