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Picking the best air conditioners fit for our liking, budget and environment is not an easy task. Setting it up in our homes or buildings is an even harder one. We all want to have a quick and cheap way of installing the unit, but we also have to keep in mind that safety comes first. There were some cases of ACs blowing up because of poor and bad installation.

Heat is something we use every day and we crave for it when it’s winter in Edmonton, Alberta. But once the scrutinizing summer heat sets in, we’d want to have all our AC’s, fans and cooling systems on to help us beat the heat. With these cooling needs however, come responsibilities and obligations we need to adhere to.

Fire officials here are warning residents to hire a qualified electrician when connecting window air conditioners in their homes following two recent blazes.

Amid a late-spring heat wave, Firefighters battled two house fires Tuesday night, both of which it’s believed were caused by A/C units. Officials issued the following safety tips after the incidents:

  • Make sure air conditioners are fed from an electrical circuit that’s designed to carry the current needed to run the appliance safely
  • Never use an extension cord to connect these types of appliances
  • Do not run high-current appliances like these from circuits powered by older knob-and-tube wiring
  • Always use a qualified electrician to connect them

 A family home on Oak Street in Bothwell was fully engulfed in flames when fire crews were called just after 11:30 p.m. Tuesday. An elderly resident escaped the home and was taken to hospital for treatment of smoke inhalation. Firefighters contained the blaze from spreading to nearby homes, officials said, and damage is estimated at $120,000.

An hour earlier, fire crews were sent to a blaze at a home on Maynard Line. The fire was located within a wall and attic on the second floor and firefighters were able to put it out quickly. Damage from the fire is estimated at $20,000.

Read the full story at The London Free Press

You might not be able to resist the urge to turn the AC even lower during summer, this video will share tips on how you can reduce energy consumption of your AC:

Some people, however, with the fear of high electricity bills and potential electrical problems, they refuse to install air conditions or any other cooling appliances and systems. One must keep in mind that cooling systems are actually pretty helpful in keeping them calm and cool, which may prevent probable health problems.

Saving money and conserving energy is actually pretty good, considering the continuous increase in daily needs such as gas, electricity and the likes, but one must not compromise their health in the hopes of saving a few bucks. Those savings will actually vaporize in a matter of minutes when you’re already lying on a hospital bed due to heat related sickness.

Few people can make it through the dog days of summer without turning on their air conditioners. Men and women concerned about the environment and conserving energy may try to avoid using their air conditioners, but doing so on especially hot days can be challenging and potentially even deadly. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that roughly 600 people die from complications related to extreme heat each year.

Heat stroke can result when a body overheats after prolonged exposure to or physical exertion in high temperatures. The Mayo Clinic notes that the condition is most common in summer and that a lack of air conditioning during periods of sustained hot weather is a risk for heat stroke.

Conserving energy during summer is a noble pursuit, but people should not jeopardize their health in an effort to conserve energy. Air conditioners might not be the most eco-friendly appliances, but there are ways to run them without wasting energy.

Read the full story at The Daily Courier.

Given the harms of not installing an AC or have any means cooling system, I think it is safe to say that cooling systems, even simple ones like electric fans are very much vital in our daily lives, especially when the dreaded heat of summertime has already set in.

But if you insist in not installing an air conditioner, there are some energy efficient and cheap ways to keep your cool during the summer season. From simple life hacks to do-it-yourself devices, this list got you covered.

If you don’t have an air conditioner, check out these seven creative ways to stay cool all summer long.

1. Hack a fan – With a bowl of ice and a fan, you can create a faux ocean breeze. Simply fill a mixing bowl with ice or an ice pack, and put the bowl in front of a fan. Turn the fan on, and the air will mimic a chilly, misty breeze.

2. Set your ceiling fans to rotate counter-clockwise – A ceiling fan isn’t a set-it-and-forget-it appliance. In the summer, the fan blades should rotate counter-clockwise (as you look up at it) to push the air straight down. Increase the fan speed on really hot days. 

3. Try cooling curtains – Sometimes opening all the windows just doesn’t cut it, in which case, spray a sheet with cold water and cover the window’s opening. The breeze will hit the sheet and pass through the cool, damp fabric, which can help bring the temperature down in your home.

4. Make a DIY air conditioner – Feel like getting crafty? You can create your own air conditioner by using a fan, 3/8 copper coil, a water pump, ice, cooler box and a plastic pipe.

See whole story at Fox News.

Not having enough ventilation can cause health problems and extremely foul moods. Some even find themselves being unintentionally and extremely mean when the temperature is super humid. The amount of discomfort it brings is quite annoying, but if you find a way to cope, it’ll be easier and less irritating, in a way.

Staying cool during the summer season is a tricky process, especially if the heat is getting in your nerves. May it be through cooling systems, air conditioning units, or some handmade fans, it is up to you! Just remember that your safety and health must come first, especially when choosing the best option that suits you best!

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