Troubleshooting Ideas for Air Conditioning Repair

Depending on what time of year they happen, issues with an HVAC system can absolutely be a cause for emergency. Air conditioning repair in the middle of summer is necessary for the safety of pets, and the elderly and Winter furnace fixes are essential for resident safety as well as to avoid damage to plumbing […]

When is it Time for an Air Conditioning Installation?

It can be a stark realization, but the odds are that at some time over the course of home ownership, there’s going to come a time when a new air conditioning installation is mandatory. There are things you can do to extend the life of your a/c such as changing the filter regularly and cleaning […]

How to Troubleshoot the Most Likely Oil Furnace Problems

In many older Edmonton homes, the go-to method for heating is an oil furnace. These aren’t as common as a gas furnace or electric unit but are clean burning and do a very efficient job of warming up the house. Unfortunately, just like any heating system the oil furnace is prone to some mechanical breakdowns. […]

What You Need to Know About Air Conditioner Warranties

Perhaps no component is as important in an air conditioner as the manufacturer’s warranty. Sure it’s essential to have a high energy rating and an easy to use interface but air conditioner warranties serve as a peace of mind for the investment just in case something were to go wrong with the unit. It’s not […]